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Intelligent building technology for convenience and security: networking building systems, controlling music throughout your environment, comprehensive switching systems, the full range of entryway communications, and sophisticated energy consumption and lighting management in outdoor areas. Features and equipment can be easily combined to offer a consistent design.

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Our local partner in Romania and primary support for the market in Eastern Europe. The focus for the near future is the production and subsequent assembly of simple components.

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ofraCar – Automobilnetzwerk e.V.

ofraCar promotes the operations of automotive supplier companies in northern Bavaria through various activities (such as partnerships, employee training, appearances at trade fairs, etc.) with the goal of keeping their competitive position.

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Botschafter Bamberg

With the launch of the Bamberg Economic Ambassadors program in 2002, the city and district of Bamberg created a new way to market the Bamberg economic region. Leaders from industry, research, sport, and culture work as Bamberg Ambassadors and use their numerous national and international contacts to promote the Bamberg region.

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Steigerwaldschule Ebrach

With heart, hands, and mind… STETTLER Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a proud cooperation partner of this secondary school in Ebrach.

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